6. Exercise

Instead of buying expensive clothes, you can workout. Clothes will fit better. Instead of trying to walk with your shoulders back, exercise. Your core muscle strength will enhance your posture and gait.


Instead of buying skin products, exercise and hydrate. Your skin will look better. Instead of forcing that fake smile to make you feel happier–exercise. The Mayo Clinic says, “You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.”


7. Get more sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, try the Sleep Cycle app. Getting enough sleep helps your brain and body. The Harvard Mental Health Letter states: “The deepest stage of quiet sleep produces physiological changes that help boost immune system functioning.”


Sleep Cycle helps you see when you fall into the deepest, most healing stages of sleep. It goes off with a gentle chime that wakes you at your peak awakeness cycle. Better sleep, sharper mind, better mood, and greater self-confidence.


8. Volunteer and give back

I used to volunteer at the Den for Grieving Kids in Greenwich, Connecticut.  September 11th happened. My fellow volunteers became my support network.


I thought I was giving. I thought I was sacrificing.  All the love I cold conjure couldn’t match the love I felt from that group in the weeks and months after 9/11.  Who knows, you may heal someone, and you may heal your own soul.


9. Socialize

This can be a difficult one for introverts. Socializing, or finding your tribe, doesn’t always have to happen in person. Joining an online community of like-minded people can enhance your self-worth.


Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs includes belongingness among the essentials. Contributing on Quora or posting compelling content to your network on LinkedIn can create a real sense of belonging. Similarly, building community via your Twitter account can also stimulate this powerful feeling.


10. Get curious

Seek people who are more experienced than you. Learning from them will instill a powerful calm of knowing. Chances are, the lessons they share will be invaluable.


Most “overnight success” stories have experienced the trials and tribulations that you may also be experiencing. They have all survived and may be able to help you.

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