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This month’s topic “Business Credit” is one of the most powerful techniques a real estate investor can use to fund their real estate transactions.
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Article of the Month 

Business Credit
By John Patricks 

Business and potential business owners have good ideas and need funding, but in this tightening credit market, they are finding it virtually impossible to locate the financing they need for their venture.

Small Business Owners especially want to know where to go for the money and what they need. The answer is to GET BUSINESS CREDIT. Having credit for your business enhances your credibility by taking the perception from mom and pop shop to established professional enterprise. You are opened to more financing options and gain preference to Lenders that are carefully picking where to invest their money. With business credit it is even possible to obtain financing for your business without any personal guarantees or personal credit. This is especially helpful for those that have had more success in managing their business then their personal finances.

Besides the obvious benefit of credit and loans for your business another very beneficial aspect of building business credit is that you can separate your personal credit and assets from your business.

Larger companies of course have the credit they need and don’t rely on personal credit or assets to get the loans they need. If it is your intent, think about your business as the future larger corporation, and begin obtaining the business credit you need to get you there, so that you to can build your business while maintaining your personal financial independence.

Knowledge of how to correctly get credit and obtain loans for a business, and where to look is often the biggest hurdle.

Business credit has been somewhat of a mystery for most whereas personal credit has exploded so that you can hardly make it through the day without seeing an ad about your personal credit score.

Getting business credit is not difficult you just need to start now. At the bottom of this article is a resource that will help you to get started so that you can begin to get the loans you need for your business now!    



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