Sumrok has been helping real estate investors since 2005, first as a mentor at a real estate investing education company and now through his own brand, Sumrok Multifamily Mentoring. “I started with zero investing experience,” he says, “but I had a mentor who guided me through my first deal.” This was a 32-unit apartment complex in Houston, TX that was quickly followed by a second project.


“Having a mentor and specialized education saved me a lot of time,” says Sumrok, “and prevented a lot of mistakes. I learned how to buy the right property at the right price, put the right management in place, etc.”


Sumrok has filled that educator/mentor role for investors for several years. He began in Texas and has now broadened his reach across the country to students through webinars, live events and personal mentoring. When considering any mentor, it is absolutely imperative to verify that the mentor has actually done what it is you want to do.

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