Well, we got some good news for you and I’ve got some bad news for you…


Here’s the good news…


My buddy Jim Huntzicker hosted a complimentary webinar training called

“MLS Domination” where he revealed some amazing insider knowledge

about getting deals from the MLS.


He’s also giving out 4 massive bonuses…


BONUS #1: 6 Critical Contractor Documents (Value: $997)

You’re going to love this one…

If you are rehabbing houses, you need these… they’re the 6 forms that you

need your contractors to sign before they step foot in your property. (That’s

right: don’t let them in your property unless they sign these first). From your

independent contractor agreement to lien waivers and everything in between.

Once you have your own independent contractor agreement for your

contractors to sign you will be taken a lot more seriously. FYI: if they won’t

sign the independent contractor agreement they don’t do work for me…period…

it is THAT important.  You’ll get all 6 of these forms just for enrolling today.

(These 6 documents are worth 10 times the MLS Domination training)


BONUS #2: 6 Fast-Start Implementation Calls.

Most investors are avid learners but I’ve discovered that many of them never

take action once they’ve learned something. Jim sees this too so he’s offering

6 very powerful Fast Implementation calls that will have you putting your learning

into action and taking steps right away. Talk to Jim, ask him questions, and

participate in each live call.


BONUS #3: 2 Free tickets to Jim’s MLS Domination LIVE event happening later

this year. (Value $997)

I love online learning as much as the next person but there’s something extra

special about going to a live event and learning face-to-face from someone.

Jim is hosting his live MLS Domination event later this year and he’s giving out

2 free tickets so you and a partner can come and learn and max out your

MLS Domination in person!


BONUS #4: All 29 of the Real Estate Investing Rock Star interview audios.

(Value: $2,900) These aren’t available anywhere except as a bonus in this course…

Jim reached out to his network and interviewed 29 of the top real estate investors

in the country, I know you have heard of most of them. He asked them 1 question:

“If you had to start your real estate investing business over from scratch today…

and knowing what know… what would you do first (and what marketing strategy

would you focus on first)?”


Their answers are a powerful list of strategies that will change the game for you.

(He also asked them for their best productivity habits or tools they use on a daily

basis – their answers have the potential to double your business)

When you enroll today, you get access to the ‘Ask Jim Anything’ forum for 6 full

months. He will literally take you by the hand and answer your questions for

6 months. (If you were in his 1-on-1 program this would cost up to $5K a month

for that level of service.)


Get your bonuses here quickly….


I said there was bad news, too. Here it is,


Jim prefers to keep his classes small so there’s more access to him.

… and the class is filling up very quickly.


Once this class is full, he’s shutting it down and you’ll be left out in the cold.


I can tell you that the most powerful thing for you is to have the knowledge, so you

can flip the switch whenever you want to do more deals and make more money.

These strategies Jim is sharing has literally changed his investing… and he’s

become an “MLS Jedi” that you really need to be paying attention to.


I suggest that you register for this ASAP while there’s still room. Registration will be

open until tonight Friday, August 26th at midnight, (unless his class fills up before then).

You have a choice to make…


Do you want to tap into Jim’s powerful MLS strategy and ramp up your investing

business by doing more deals and making more money? Or do you want to keep

trying to figure it out on your own and “hoping” that you’ll stumble over some secret

or trick that MIGHT be out there?


In my opinion, it’s a no-brainer.


So Click Here now before time runs out.


Have a great week investing!



P.S. This closes tonight at midnight for real. If you’re on the fence, you have nothing to

lose as there is a 30 day, no questions asked refund policy. Try it out for 30 days; if it is

not for you, simply reply to any of Jim’s emails or send an email to his support desk

asking for a refund.


P.P.S. Don’t listen to me… here is another success story from a previous student:

“After going through this course all I have to say it is pure GOLD.  What he teaches are

things I didn’t even know as an agent!” -Jason Speckert, MLS Domination Alumni











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