When I was starting out, I used to hand my 
CPA my end-of-year financials and ask him to 
calculate my taxes.
I trusted him to know exactly what to do with my 
real estate business.
After all, he’s a CPA.  He should know all of 
the secrets for real estate entrepreneurs…
In fairness, only expensive and very specialized 
CPA’s know all of the ins and outs of real 
estate tax strategies.
I paid my CPA $8000 to calculate my taxes!
A year later, I discovered I paid $8000 for him 
to miss a $25,000 check due me from the 
That’s right.  $25,000!
The good news is I got it (thankfully).
The bad news is, I would have missed it if I 
hadn’t learned a very important lesson…
It is our job to be the quarterback with regards 
to our own tax strategies.
Join me and my expert TODAY:
We can’t rely on our CPA – the costs are simply 
too high.  We have to set our own tax strategy 
and guide them as is best for our business.
So from then on, that’s what I did and continue 
to do.
And I cut my CPA fees by thousands of dollars 
each year.  Because I understood what needed to 
be done.
I want you to be able to do the same without 
running risk of missing a $25,000 check from the 
So, TODAY, I’m hosting a webinar with a national 
real estate tax strategist – the best: Mr. Al 
Join me and my expert TODAY:
I want you to know what to be looking for and 
asking your CPA.
Have a great week investing!

P.S. You have to be the quarterback when it 
comes to your tax strategies.  Don’t rely solely 
on your CPA.  One idea from this webinar could 
save you thousands!
Join me and my expert TODAY:

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