Each month a new folder will be added to the Single Family Fortunes Training site!! Here is just

one example. Almost every Real Estate Investor will at some time want to do a “Subject To” deal.


When that happens to you, you not only will need to know what forms to use but you will also need those forms. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just click on a folder and there is a checklist of what forms you need?!? And wouldn’t it be even better if in the folder there were all “Subject To” forms for you to use? Sounds good! Right?! Well your “Subject To” forms and check list are there waiting for you to use. And that’s not all–“Subject To” is just one of the folders available right now–today. Also available are…


  • EZ Rent to Own Forms
  • Twelve Months of Renters Newsletters
  • Your Tenant Handbook
  • The Credit Repair Package


And just look at these great coming attractions…


  • Private Money Forms
  • Owner Financing Forms
  • Wholesaling Forms
  • Your Credibility Package


You really can’t afford not to check this out and for the price it is a no brainer!!

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