My good friend Mitch Stephen just interviewed me on his new podcast. I got this
email and wanted to share it with you.

“Hey Dennis:

We are excited to announce my new Podcast Real Estate Investor Summit has launched!

This is a big undertaking, but we know it will help educate more people and help them achieve their freedom


We currently have three episodes available and will be adding three more every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! 

This week we are featuring your interview 10/27

You can find the podcast in three different places:

2) iTunes


Being as iTunes is the most popular place to listen to podcasts here is some additional information.

You do need an Apple ID to subscribe and review the podcasts:

If you don’t have an Apple ID or have never used iTunes before you should first go to:

https://appleid.apple.com/ account#!&page=create


This will let you create an apple account.

Need to download iTunes?: 

Then if you need to download iTunes, go here: http://www.apple.com/ itunes/download/


Look on the left hand side about halfway down the page.


They just make it look like you have to.


Let me know if you have any troubles at support@1000Houses.com

I hope you will sign up, listen and post your review on Itunes or Stitcher.com 


I need your feedback to be able to give you the best education!

Thanks for all your support…Let’s do some deals!”


Have a great week investing!


 Dennisjhenson | DFW REI Mentor Blog VMI Properties

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