You need to develop a multi-pronged attack to find sellers of assets that would consider option strategy. The best technique that I would recommend is as follows:


  • Direct Mail


I prefer direct mail geared towards to out-of-town owners of abandoned properties. Most out-of-town or absentee property owners become that way because they either inherited a property or, for whatever reason, were forced to relocate and failed to sell their property before they left town. Hence they are usually highly motivated and are looking for a solution to their problems.


How can you reach them and know when they are reaching you? You need to take two simple steps to make that happen:


  1. Get a free Google Voice number that is specifically going to be used in your out of town marketing mailers/materials. 


  2. Compile a list of out of town owners from tax records or through a list broker. Send them a letter or a postcard, which should state that you are an investor and looking to solve their problems associated with the property located in your state and/or city.

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