Welcome to the REI Newsletter for March. We have some really good information and

gifts for you this month and we hope you find them useful.


And here’s another Great Tip!!-Secret Number 3 of the “Seven Secrets of Success in

Real Estate Investing” is to “Develop Skills!”


In order to become successful in any business or sport there are certain skills that

must be mastered. Determining the skills that are necessary and educating yourself

in their mastery are the first steps to real estate investing success. There are five

major skills that must be mastered to become a successful real estate investor. These

are the “5 M’s of Real Estate Investing. They are:


  • Mining = Finding good deals
  • Money = Finding the Money to fund your deals
  • Maintenance = Fixing up the properties
  • Marketing = Getting someone in the home
  • Managing = Landlording


When you master these skills your life and bank account will both prosper.



Best of luck with your investing!



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