You’re right.  You will never get the best deals. The big institutional buyers will.


Why has “Wall Street” shifted into real estate?


Think about it… If you buy and sell stocks with “Insider” information you
go to jail.  (Remember Martha Stewart’s ordeal?)


If you buy real estate with “Insider” info, you make a fortune.


Just a few short months ago, the BIGGEST fundraiser in real estate
history went down.  An institutional buyer raised nearly 3 BILLION to
buy real estate!


Why Now?


Because the banks are finally about to unload their shadow inventory.


(Shadow inventory consists of properties, and notes.  That is why banks have
been holding back from listing.  Why would a bank hold a property back?
Well, if they dump all their properties at the same time, real estate prices dive,
so they leak them out like diamonds.)


When banks sell their inventory in bulk, here is how it works…


They set the price for roughly 30 – 40% of current AS IS market value.


Friends of the bankers get a 7 day opportunity to grab a few deals.
Big funds come in, and scoop a bulk of them up.
The scraps filter down to YOU.


I have good news for you. No, not good news. AMAZING news.


The individual I am going to introduce you to on this week’s call is
the ‘Guy at the top!”  When you attend our call, you’ll move to the top of the
food chain, and he is willing to share access to 1000’s of deals a week!


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This is the mother lode of property bargains.


And, just like the big funds, you get exclusive access. That is, front of
the line access to properties typically reserved only for bulk buyers.


You get to cherry pick the best deals…


= Properties perfect to wholesale
= Properties ideal for fix-n-flip
= And even properties for buy and hold.


You pick. You choose. From hundred of properties that will never
see the light of day on the MLS.


I can’t wait for you see this! But you have to reserve your spot
to see exactly how this innovative program works.


On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a Million!


You Can Register Here


Miss this call, and you’ll always be stuck with the scraps


P.S. Remember the basic laws of supply and demand? We are expecting
HUGE DEMAND, so please – don’t miss out! Sign Up Here

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