There are several things you can do this year that will make you a lot of money. First, go out find deals for these investors in “The Shadow Market”. There are thousands of properties in large and small cities all over the nation that have no for sale signs, no ads in the paper, not on the internet or MLS, and some are vacant and some are occupied.  The hedge fund investors can’t find them but you can. I know because I’ve been doing it in every state over the last six years. No matter where I go, I plot a course of 12-15 recently repossessed bank owned properties to go and make offers on. While I’m out looking at those, I find additional 20-30 “Hidden Market” properties and find who owns them and offer to buy. I get some fantastic deals that no-one else knows about. Then I wholesale some to the hedge fund investors or the local investors that can’t get any deals because of the big boys.
Sometimes I will fix them up and sell retail as many homebuyers are having trouble finding homes also. You should be really excited for what this year has to offer. The market is showing healthy signs of recovery and it is the best time to be actively working your market. I personally have not seen this many money making opportunities as I’m seeing today.

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