If you happen to see the hedge fund guys in your town, find deals for them or find your niche in the houses they don’t want. Like in my area, they want $150,000 or less, so local investors should go for the higher price homes and they can do well.  Some investors are even taking loans subject to, on underwater houses and still getting a positive cash flow. Even this will payoff in the long run.


In Summary, for 2015, you should be working the “Hidden Market”.  The Hidden Market properties will be probate, bankruptcy, and upside down properties so brush up on those techniques including how to discount liens and second mortgages. With 11 million people that have not made a payment in over two years, I suspect the banks will be offering incentives to homeowners to sell their homes so they don’t have to foreclose and flood the market.



©2014 By Tony Youngs
Tony Youngs has been a real estate investor for 25 years and has been through all the ups and downs of market cycles.  He can be found at www.tonyyoungs.com  He is the author and creator of the “Hidden Market” system and He also teaches many live training events all over America and has several “hands on Training” classes in your state.

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