Did I tell you about the property my buddy’s student’s put
under contract? It’s less than two miles to downtown Austin
AND the University of Austin.

Pure Gold. A buddy of mine is going to introduce us to a
handful of his students that are making well over one
hundred thousand dollars PER deal.

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His student found this deal on the MLS (no he’s not an
agent) and realized the little house was sitting on TWO
different lots. Making it big enough to demo the house and

That’s right, his personal investment was one hundred dollars. He
used private money for the acquisition (and received his hundred
bucks back at closing), and will use private money for the new

Best part of the whole thing? If he screws something up, he will
still walk away from the deal with $500,000 in his pocket!

REGISTER NOW.  We will show you exactly what the new
market position is, and how you can be a part of it today.

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