How many bullets did Barney Fife carry in his pocket?  One, right?  He wasn’t even
allowed to load his gun until the situation called for it.

I remember laughing during those goofy scenes, but I also felt sorry for Barney.
And I know it sounds silly, but I often wondered why Andy never taught Barney
how to shoot?  (It was a TV show, Kim.  It was much funnier watching him try to
load his one bullet while shaking with fear.)

 You’ve been in this Real Estate business long enough, so you know how the situation would turn out if you went to a seller’s house with only one exit strategy – one bullet – in your pocket.  It wouldn’t end pretty.  That’s why we always see you taking notes and  chatting up those around you at different seminars.  You know, in this business, you need multiple exit strategies to be successful.  Multiple bullets, right?!

Bill Cook & Pete Fortunato have over 70 years of experience between them.
Barney Fife, they ain’t! These guys have multiple bullets!  They walk into every
seller’s house with their brains filled with deal-structuring knowledge and their
hearts open to making the end result a win-win for everyone.  If you’ve ever
witnessed these guys at a seller’s kitchen table, then you know you’ve witnessed
brilliance.  You also know they willingly, openly share their knowledge with everyone who asks.  No blah, blah bull at their seminars.  Just straight-up honest brilliance.


Bill & Pete are teaching again on September 16th & 17th in Atlanta.  Their What Box? Seminar is filled with amazing deals that they’ve structured over their incredibly successfulcareers.  Their What Box Manual is filled with the stories of how the deals came to be,how they structured them, and the paperwork used to memorialize them.  That’s thequestion everyone has, right?  How’d they find the deal?  How’d they structure it?How’d they fund it?  And what did they do with it?


It’s going to be a great 2-day Seminar!  Plus, all of your friends will be there.
Lots of networking opportunities! 


So, Call Kim and register today! 770 815-8728 


You can also fill out the attached form and either fax or email it in.   (BTW:  I will not be running any credit cards until September.  Just easier to run them
all at one time.  If that’s a problem, let me know when you register.)

We have 2 events planned with Pete & Bill:


                  Friday, September 15th, 2017

                  Cookout with Pete & Bill

                  Lake Allatoona 10am-3pm

                  Free event – Details to follow


Bill, Pete & I are hosting a picnic at Red Top State Park on Lake Allatoona in Cartersville, GA on Friday, September 15th, from 10am-3pm.  Hanging out around the lake and talking real estate will be Pete Fortunato, Dyches Boddiford, Bill Cook, and about 100 of your closest investor friends.Come in town a little early and join us for an afternoon of great food and even greater conversation!Details on this event to follow.  RSVP please.  Call or email Kim 770 815-8728, or  Going to be fun!


                  Saturday & Sunday, September 16th & 17th, 2017

                  Bill Cook & Pete Fortunato

                   What Box? Seminar

                  Atlanta, GA

$497.00 ($397.00/each if you mention “AREA”)

>>Click here for mail/fax form.

Have a great week investing!


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