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Benefits of Mentoring – Real Estate Mentoring Program Success Story Video

Harry Dieter met Dennis about four five years ago. He had an insurance agency and Dennis was one of his customers. Dennis approached Harry about getting into real estate investing and Harry though it sounded like a great idea. Since taking the course, Harry has been buying property for the last 24 months. In the last year, he has purchased about 25 properties; holds 13 rentals and flipped five houses. He’s sold two and has two for sale right now. Harry is active in the business, and that’s all he does now.

He goes on to say, “Dennis has helped me build a foundation for my real estate business.” Dennis helped Harry set parameters, find loans and financing, and know how to lease and deal with tenants; all aspects of real estate business. In the first week of the training, Dennis set Harry up with a lender, and that connection has more than paid for the mentoring program. Harry says, “I would highly recommend Dennis…I mentored with him for a year and he was there every time I needed him. The value of mentoring with Dennis, is that he’s very knowledge and a benefit to anyone wanting to get into real estate investing.

Harry admits that he had reservations…the fear factor, but Dennis would talk to him about the reality and talk him through it, until Harry would feel comfortable with what he was doing. Even today, Harry continues to refer back to the processes that Dennis taught.

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