Retire with Cash Flow

Retired with Cash Flow

Build Multiple Income Streams

Retired with Cash Flow – Real Estate Mentoring Program Success Story Video
Mike Chase, President of MGChase Enterprises, learned how to build multiple income streams after met Dennis J. Henson a few years ago when Mike was beginning to think about retiring. He already had a vacation rental, but knew that he needed four or five more income streams to produce cash flow for retirement. He found Dennis through the Arlington Real Estate Investment Association, about two years ago. He took the 12-week training program. Now, he is extremely glad he did, and in fact has since gone on to retire.
As a retired educator, Mike appreciated the quality of the training in the program, and information in the books, tapes and CDs that Dennis recommended were highly informative and the best. He has since bought four properties, and is extremely happy with what he got with his training. Another thing he appreciates to this day is just how accessible Dennis was and still is. Even though his training was over two years ago, Dennis is still just as accessible as he was then. Mike was a real estate agent in the past, and soon learned that being a real estate investor is very different, and Dennis taught him that buying wholesale is very different than buying retail.
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