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Here are some testimonials about Dennis J. Henson’s Real Estate Mentoring Program

#1 Quotes on Success – Solutions to Problems

Ijaz Haz with Keller Williams Realty was working in real estate for eight years, but one he met Dennis J. Henson, he learned to actually be an investor. Now, he has bought properties himself, something he accredits to what he learned from Dennis J. Henson. He goes on to say, “Dennis was always there to help me. He provided me with solutions to problems.”

#2 Quotes on Success – Ignorance is Costly

Ijaz Haz Video Testimonial
Yvette Fielder – President, One Dream House: Prior to going through Dennis J. Henson’s program she and her husband made numerous mistakes trying to invest in real estate. One benefit of the program is that with a single transaction they have made back many times more than what the mentorship program cost. They have also tripled their net work. They’ve learned how to make profitable transactions by avoiding the mistakes of those who have gone before. Quotes Derek Bok “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

#3 Quotes on Success – Retired with Cash Flow

Yvette Fielder Video Testimonial
Mike Chase, President of MGChase Enterprises met Dennis J. Henson a few years ago when Mike was beginning to think about retiring. He already had a vacation rental, but knew that he needed four or five more income streams to produce cash flow for retirement. He found Dennis through the Arlington Real Estate Investment Association, about two years ago. He took the 12-week training program. Now, he is extremely glad he did, and in fact has since gone on to retire.

As a retired educator, Mike appreciated the quality of the training in the program, and information in the books, tapes and CDs that Dennis recommended were highly informative and the best. He has since bought four properties, and is extremely happy with what he got with his training. Another thing he appreciates to this day is just how accessible Dennis was and still is. Even though his training was over two years ago, Dennis is still just as accessible as he was then. Mike was a real estate agent in the past, and soon learned that being a real estate investor is very different, and Dennis taught him that buying wholesale is very different than buying retail.

#4 Quotes on Success – Needed Some Help

Mike Chase Video Testimonial
Phyllis Jones started with Dennis in December of 2008 after meeting him at an investor’s meeting. She was already interested in real estate investing and had actally taken some classes. But, as she puts it, “I still felt lost. I needed some help.” Dennis was there. She really enjoyed the 12-week training program so much that she also took the extended program. The benefit is that he held her accountable to buy her first house. Dennis is very knowledge. She never asked him a question that he didn’t know the answer to, and everything he told her made a lot of sense. She feels she is now ready to try some of the other methods and strategies that he has explained. She would recommend him for new and experienced investors.

#5 Quotes on Success – Highly Recommends Mentoring

Phyllis Jones Video Testimonial
Harry Dieter met Dennis about four five years ago. He had an insurance agency and Dennis was one of his customers. Dennis approached Harry about getting into real estate investing and Harry though it sounded like a great idea. Since taking the course, Harry has been buying property for the last 24 months. In the last year, he has purchased about 25 properties; holds 13 rentals and flipped five houses. He’s sold two and has two for sale right now. Harry is active in the business, and that’s all he does now.
He goes on to say, “Dennis has helped me build a foundation for my real estate business.” Dennis helped Harry set parameters, find loans and financing, and know how to lease and deal with tenants; all aspects of real estate business. In the first week of the training, Dennis set Harry up with a lender, and that connection has more than paid for the mentoring program. Harry says, “I would highly recommend Dennis…I mentored with him for a year and he was there every time I needed him. He’s very knowledge and a benefit to anyone wanting to get into real estate investing.
Harry admits that he had reservations…the fear factor, but Dennis would talk to him about the reality and talk him through it, until Harry would feel comfortable with what he was doing. Even today, Harry continues to refer back to the processes that Dennis taught.
Harry Dieter Video Testimonial
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