Private Money Sources

Buying Real Estate with Private Money

If you want to succeed at real estate investing you are going to need to know your Private Money Sources. In “Private Money”, real estate investor, mentor and lecturer, Dennis J. Henson expounds on the 5 M’s of Real Estate Investing.
“Buying Real Estate with Private Money”
Private Money looks at the many sources for private money that will enable you to purchase real estate without contributing a penny out of your own pocket.

Finding money is a skill that can be learned, developed, practiced, and perfected.


The best way to develop a skill is to get into the game!

Ways to Finance Deals

The ways to finance deals fall into two categories: Conventional and Private. The conventional methods to finance real estate deals are mortgage companies, banks, hard money, home equity lines of credit (HELOC), and credit cards.
Private ways to finance deals include the property sellers themselves via “subject to” and notes. The two other sources for private money are investors and partners.

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