Private Investors Money Lenders

Buying Real Estate with Private Money

Private investors money lenders are different from real estate business partners. The main difference is that with a partnership you are in it together, investors don’t have any ownership. They just loan you some money. In fact, all of the money you will ever need you can find from investors.
Investors want security, a good return on their investment and liquidity. You can give them all three of those things with real estate.
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Looking for Investors

When you go out to look for investors, it’s very important that you follow the law, or you could end up in a nice striped suit. Be careful how you word your ads, or you will have the SEC all over you. The most common errors in raising money are:
Paying commissions for somebody to find you money. You can’t do that! That’s illegal.
Receiving commissions for finding somebody else money
Poor or no disclosure
General solicitation
Making false promises
milliondollarcheckTo avoid lawsuits and broken bones, only deal with investors and partners that can afford to lose the money. Don’t partner with anybody that doesn’t have a million dollars. If they are not a millionaire, they cannot afford to lose that money.
Remember to put everything in writing, and over disclose. Tell them what the risks are, up front and in writing. Get them to sign it. Even if they have a million dollars or more and can afford to lose it, put everything in writing.

Finding Private Investors Money Lenders

The easy way to find Private Investors Money Lenders is to ask people for referrals of anyone they know “who would like to make 10-12% return on their investment secured by real estate?” You need to say that to a lot of people. If you can learn to put that in your conversation, you will have all the money you will ever need for real estate investing…providing you can find good deals.
Ask “Do you know anyone who…”
Run ads in papers and tabloids, but be careful
Attend investment club meetings
Talk with everyone you meet
Search the web
Do a website

The Way to Advertise

You run an ad that says something like this:
privatemoney-investors1That’s an ad for an investor, and investors are going to call. When they call, you say:
“Oh that house is gone, but I’ve got a couple more coming up. Would you be interested in me contacting you for those?” If they say yes, you ask if they pay cash. If they say yes to that, you then ask, “Well, can you give me a range? Could you come up with a $100,000 in two days?” “Well no, but maybe $80,000.” That’s great you put them down for $80,000. Now, you have their name, their phone number and $80,000.
If you do that about 10 times you have about $800,000 sitting there waiting for you to go get. It’s not quite that easy to do, but it works, and it’s a skill that you have to learn to perfect.

Make a List of Prospects

In order to get even one or two investors, you have to contact a lot of people. If you ask that “Do you know?” question, you can ask everyone you meet. You can ask your doctor, attorney, mentor, dentist, psychiatrist…
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