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newsletterReal Estate Investing in Probate Properties

Probate investing is an opportunity for most investors to obtain outstanding real estate investment properties while assisting the seller at the same time.
Probate is “A court-supervised process by which a deceased person’s property is sold to pay that person’s debts and to distribute the proceeds of the sale to the rightful heirs.”
Several things unique to this process make it an excellent place for the savvy real estate investor to find some really good or maybe even great deals.
“Probate = Motivated Sellers and Profits”.
probatecoverWhat you will learn…
–> What is Probate
–> Benefits of Probate for buying property
–> Concerns of the Probate technique
–> Three ways to obtain Probate leads
–> How to find the heirs that control probate properties
–> A step by step process for getting leads
–> How to do research at the courthouse to find properties
–> An excellent method for contacting Probate leads
–> What to say when you contact a Probate prospect
If you want to become a successful real estate investor, you need to know how to build wealth through probate. Dennis J. Henson is revealing his secrets to Buying Real Estate in Probate.
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