Personal Coaching

You have probably heard about personal coaching. In the past several years it has received high levels of media attention from people of all walks of life. From great athletes to business leaders to movie stars and even award winning authors, it seems everyone has a story about the amazing impact that a coach or mentor has had on their success.
Why is personal coaching so powerful and effective? The answer is simple. A coach gives you the one thing you can’t give yourself–ACCOUNTABILITY.

On Track and Focused
Imagine, if you knew that in one week, someone was going to call you and make sure that you had started to implement the strategies and ideas you had just learned from your Mentor the week before. They were going to ask you to report your contacts, viewings, offers, and deals. Imagine that someone was going help you to keep on track and focused; making sure your goals and interests don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Every Step of the Way
What if you knew that you were going to get that special phone call, not only once, but every week for months? Then, imagine that during those calls you were going to get expert feedback on your progress, answers to the questions that came up along the way, and give you solutions to the challenges you found yourself facing. The caller would also give you absolute unswerving encouragement every step of the way.
Positive Mentoring
How could you fail? How would that change your attitude and behavior? Would you be more committed, more enthusiastic, more certain that you really were going to be able to achieve everything you imagined when you were first inspired? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! That’s the power of personal coaching and positive mentoring.

Until the Goal is Reached
An Olympic coach takes an athlete with raw talent, ambition and determination, then expertly guides them towards achievement. The coach gives the athlete a practice schedule and makes sure he sticks to it. The coach also identifies the athlete’s weaknesses and helps to strengthen them. The coach also identifies an athlete’s strengths and helps to maximize them. The coach watches the athlete’s performances, and gives him or her an objective assessment of what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what they need to change in order to reach their goal. This is done continuously, over and over, until the athlete’s goal is reached.
Turning Goals into Achievements
A personal coach and mentor works exactly the same way. They take a person with the intention and the tools to make positive and permanent changes in their life, and gives them the continuous support, feedback, specific action steps and constructive criticism they need to make their dreams real; turning solid focused goals into actual achievements and real rewards.

What Happens Without Personal Coaching
What usually happens is that the average person will only work on a goal for two or three weeks. Then, life starts to happen and gets it the way, and they forget they have a plan to achieve their goal. Then they lose focus on their goal, and finally they lose the confidence to achieve the goal.

You Need Positive Mentoring
If you find yourself slipping, if you hear yourself making excuses using the old “I’ll put it off until tomorrow” line, you need personal coaching. If you feel yourself being pulled away from your dreams, and back toward your old and ineffective ways of thinking and doing, you need positive mentoring. If it’s easier to stay the same than to change, then personal coaching is exactly what you need to get back on the track your standing on at this very moment and stay on it.

Benefits of Personal Coaching
Here are some of the benefits you will receive when you are mentored by a personal coach.

  • You’ll receive a customized personal coaching plan
  • Your mentor will be able to indentify your particular strengths and weaknesses, and fit them into a process that meet and exceed your essential needs and goals.
  • You will develop an action plan that you will be held accountable for to receive the greatest rewards of the personal development process.
  • You will be mentored with ongoing support. No matter what challenges or stumbling blocks, you may encounter along the way, your personal mentor will be there to guide you and bring you out of life’s toughest challenges.
  • You’ll achieve goals as varied as making more money, buying more property, eliminating debt, starting a new banking relationships, and becoming a super successful real estate entrepreneur.

Whatever you want from your business can be achieved by personal coaching.
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