12 Reasons to Use an 800 Number

Did you know that when you get an 800 number, that you will have found the most productive way to market single-family homes?
Do you use an 800 Number in your real estate investing business? If not, you are missing out on one of the very best marketing tools available to you. Your 800 Number will allow you to keep a big list of ready buyers and renters just waiting for you to contact them to buy or rent their next home.
By: Dennis J. HensonHere are 12 Great Reasons to Get an 800 Number to use in Your Real Estate Investing Business
1. Instant Buyers or Renters — 800 numbers can provide real estate investors with a list of people who are looking to buy or rent a single family home. An 800 number will enable you to tap into a steady stream of people ready to buy or rent your available properties. This stream of buyers can be extremely helpful when you have an empty home that you need to fill. When you have empty homes, it is vital that you get them filled as quickly as possible because they can cost you a lot of money. The best way to fill homes is to have a list of fresh prospects from an 800 number.
2. Convenience –- Getting an 800 number is convenient for both you and for prospective buyers or renters. An 800 number will allow you to accept calls all day every day, and you will never actually have to answer them. An 800 service is able to tell you which numbers have called so that you can return their calls at your convenience.
3. Credibility — Even if you are working independently, buyers and renters will often assume that an 800 number is backed by or associated with a large company. This gives consumers the feeling that you are a trustworthy seller that they would feel comfortable doing business with.
4. Prestige – Get an 800 number, and you will find it gives you the prestige and reputation of top companies.
5. Customer Satisfaction –- A prospective buyer or renter usually wants to know that you are thoughtful and attentive to their needs. You can show this with your 800 number, which will allow them to call and get information toll free at any time.
6. Higher Response Rate — According to a recent study, having an 800 number in your print add can improve the rate of consumer response by 84% over numeric toll-free numbers. You will find that your response rate is significantly higher with an 800 number than a standard number.
7. 800 Numbers Payoff –- You may think that an 800 number will be too expensive, but this is not the case. Many people are surprised to learn that 800 numbers are relatively low cost. You will most likely be able to offset the cost of the number with the increased profitability that it will generate. This is similar to the idea of advertising. You spend a little money to advertise and make enough to offset the cost, and then some as a result of that advertising. The minimal costs to get an 800 number are easily worth what you will be gaining from it.
8. Confusion-Free Calling — With the large number of area codes across the country, it is often difficult for buyers to know where their calls are going and how much they will have to pay for them. When you get an 800 number, you help the buyer feel safe in the knowledge that their call will be free and the information they receive will be legitimate.
9. “800” Means “Toll-Free” – A recent study found that consumers equate the term “toll-free” with “800.” Conversely, a very limited amount of consumers realized that 888, 877, and 866 were also toll free. In fact, many people confused these numbers with area codes, which can make them less likely to call the number, and make it more difficult for you get sales.
10. “800” is the Most Widely Recognized Toll-free Prefix – According to recent tests conducted between 2002 and 2007, the 800 number is the most commonly recognized toll-free prefix. In fact, 94% of consumers recognize 800 as a toll-free prefix.
11. Your 800 Number Stays Active Even if You Move –- If you need to move for any reason, you may not be able to keep your regular phone number. If this happens, prospective buyers who try to call the outdated number will reach a recording or disconnected line. Notifying potential customers of a number change will be expensive, and you run the risk of missing some customers. Your 800 number will remain usable even if you move to another state.
12. The Customer’s Choice — If potential buyers or renters have a choice, they generally prefer to use an 800 number when calling real estate businesses.

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