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Dennis J. Henson has put together an information-packed training package guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know to financially successful, and perhaps even….Independently Wealthy!
Now this Real Estate Investing guru, this Master of Building Single Family Fortunes, this Mentor to the Successful, is REVEALING his Money-Making Secrets in this Sensational Package.
“Becoming Wealthy in Real Estate”
will teach you

everything you need to know to become financially successful

and even independently wealthy by investing in real estate.
This 128-page eguide reveals Dennis J. Henson’s own Secrets to Success, what he has learned in his 30+ year career as a real estate investor, author, mentor and motivational speaker.
Now Dennis has compiled a step-by-step guide to building wealth in real estate so that you can get out of debt, turn negatives into positives, and create the life-style for your family you have always wanted.

Revealed NOW! Exclusive, Proven, Result-Generating Contents:

Building Wealth Investing in Real Estate 1

– Why department store tycoon Marshall Field once said “Real estate is not only the best and quickest way to make you wealthy for the average person it is truly the only way”

How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate 2

– Types of real estate investments and the ten steps to getting started,

A Dozen Ways to Buy Real Estate “Zero Down” 3

– It is not only possible, but many of Dennis’ own students have done it. Go to a closing without a dime in their pocket!

Finding Good Deals 4

– Learn everything from how to look for properties, to how to determine value, to making an offer

Auctions 5

– Auctions are just one of the ways to find property. Learn about all of them

Subject To 6

– To purchase property subject to a mortgage on the property

EZ Rent to Own vs. Lease Option 7

– Sometimes knowing these options will be the only way to make the deal, so you need to understand them

5 Things Needed to Put Together a Good Offer 8

– “A good offer is an offer that if accepted will insure you receive a return on your investment”

Time Management for the Real Estate Investor 9

– Time is the most valuable asset. When asked what he would do different if he had to start all over, Bill Gates said, “time management”

Glossary of Real Estate Terms 10

– This will become such an invaluable tool that you will print out the ebook, just to have this easy glossary handy at all times
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Don’t know anything about Real Estate investing? Not a Problem!
Dennis J. Henson, Real Estate Investor and Master Mentor of Success
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“How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate”
This audio teaching is perfect to put on your iPod or MP3 player to listen to every chance you get until you are ready to step out and make your first deal. Here’s just a brief look at what you will learn from this valuable teaching.
First, and most important, how to get access to money for investing, then you will learn how to…
1 Pick an area
2 Set your criteria
3 Start building a team
4 Locate properties
5 Set appointments to view properties
6 Research the properties
7 Prepare your offers
8 Place your offers
9 Make offers on a large number of properties at first
10 Prepare for and attend the closing
11 Have your title company prepare the closing documents
12 Fix-up and market the property
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