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Real estate signs and posts are the easiest and most effective way of grabbing attention. Just ask those sign-wavers you see on the corners of cities everywhere. Signs are irresistible and just can’t be ignored, as any successful real estate investor will tell you. Using signs to let the world know that you have a home for rent or for sale is one of the best marketing tools around.
As a real estate investor, your goal is to make prospective buyers curious and interested in what you have to sell.Well-designed and well-placed real estate signs and posts can bring in a flood of customers. Great signs help buyers visualize themselves owning or living in a home even before walking in the door.
A sign campaign can also generate new business by letting other sellers know you’re interested in buying their investment properties, saving you the time and trouble of looking for their signs.

Get Those Signs Out!

As soon as you buy any investment property, before even starting any fix-up or remodeling, put real estate signs and posts in front yards to let buyers know instantly what is for sale. Make sure contact information is just as clear as any other message. There are many buyers like yourself who are also looking for good deals. You might be able to sell quickly and at a profit to another investor or a buyer looking for a fixer-upper, drastically lowering your out-of-pocket expenses.
Your first signs should be simple and easy to read. Something such as “Home for Sale” and a phone number are enough. There’s no need to describe the house since the sign with the post is in the front yard. When you do start working on the house, update the sign and post to let buyers know what improvements you’re making to get them curious. For example, add something such as “Brand new Carpeting and Appliances.”

Signs that Give Directions and Information

After you have your initial signs out, you now you need to draw in buyers who normally don’t drive by your property. This is where using directional and informational real estate signs and posts becomes important. Remember to think big when it comes to a real estate sign. You want to flood the market with your signs so that buyers will see them everywhere, which will make them curious and want to know more. Why is the post important here? Because it needs to be strong enough without distracting from the overall message.
The first thing to do is to plan your marketing strategy. Map out the area where you’ll be placing your signs. Think about the locations where drivers will be stopping, so they have time to read the real estate sign. Remember, most people only glance at a sign for a second or two and quickly decide if they want to continue reading. Make the lettering large and easy to read at a distance. Pick a heading such as “Amazing Home for Sale” along with a phone number or address. Then list a few of the home’s attributes such as “4 Bedrooms, Fireplace, Beautiful Landscaping”. Use dark lettering and stand back 20 to 30 feet to see if it’s easy to read. Attaching the signs to a wooden post makes them more durable and easy to place in the ground. However, more expensive and painted double-wire real estate posts disappear into the surroundings.
Check out the local laws regarding sign placement, as each community is different. Roads with a lot of traffic and intersections near your property are the first choice. If there’s a popular park nearby, that’s a great place to put a few signs. Don’t be shy when it comes to the number of signs to put out. The more the better. Think 10, 20 or even 30!

What’s a Bandit Sign?

banditsignsBandit signs are those you’ve made yourself. You’ve seen them: “We Buy Houses!” or “Why Rent When You Can Own?” Local laws vary on the use of bandit signs, but they can be very effective in generating business. There are a growing number of people interested in buying real estate, and bandit signs help draw in new investors.

Using Bandit Signs

Not everyone appreciates the use of bandit signs, as they get out of hand and create visual clutter. Some communities have banned them outright, so always check with local law enforcement to find out about any restrictions. Use bandit signs as a last resort and always be considerate of your neighbors. Check with local businesses about the possibility of putting signs up at their location. They may welcome the attention as it can generate new business for them as well.
Some of the keys to a successful bandit sign program are:

  • A good location strategy
  • The size of the sign and lettering
  • Getting noticed by drivers or pedestrians
  • What the sign has to say
  • How unique and eye catching the sign is
  • How many signs are already in place?

Location Strategy

directionalsignBusy traffic intersections or stop signs are good places to put bandit signs. Drive around the neighborhood yourself and get a feel for the most frequented corners. Four-way stops are perfect, as drivers tend to stay at the intersection longer. Although stoplights can seem like a good location, they’re only effective for the first few drivers since drivers further away will rush by your sign as soon as the light turns green.

Size and Lettering

Have you ever driven by a real estate sign that you had to strain to read, because it was too small or the lettering was tiny? You probably just gave up and kept driving. Make important lettering big and bold. Take a test drive past your sign to see if it’s readable to drivers.

Being Noticed

You want your real estate signs and post to stand out. You want signs that demand to be read and noticed. Get creative! Try out different headings such as “Buy a Home Cheap!” Remember, the goal is for people to notice the messasge that’s on the sign, not the post, so they need to read it easily, find out how to contact you, and then call you!

What Your Sign Says

he message is everything. Keep the wording short and to the point. If you’re looking to buy property, try something such as “Top Dollar for Houses!”

Catch the Buyer’s Eye

Bright colors are a good way to draw attention, but keep the number of colors to a minimum. Avoid fancy lettering and patterns. Shapes are a great way to convey a message. A picture of a house immediately defines the subject.

More is Better

Advertising professionals can tell you that the more you can get your “brand” out into the public eye, the more business you can generate. This also gives prospective buyers many chances to notice what you have to sell, even if they missed your sign at the last intersection.

Make a Real Estate Sign Budget

Obviously, you don’t want to spend more money than necessary on signs, so use sturdy and economical materials. Plastic is a good choice and is cheap and easy to stack and carry.

Professional Sign Companiesr

A professional real estate sign company has these qualities:

  • Convenient and Easy to Order – A good sign company has a website so you can order your signs without having to leave the office.
  • Good Prices – Signs can disappear so be prepared for losses. Inexpensive signs are important to your sign budget.
  • Volume Discount – Do they give discounts for volume? The more signs ordered should mean a lower overall price.
  • Versatile – A great commercial sign company lets you design your own signs.
  • No Extra Charges – Pick a company that waives costs for artwork or setup.
  • Choices – A sign company with lots of products equals a good choice for your business.
  • Quality – Well-designed signs will endure the weather and still display your message.
  • Color Choices – Pick a company that lets you load you own color palate or graphics at no extra cost.
  • Fast Delivery – You want your signs as quickly as possible, as time is money! Pick a company that has overnight shipping.

Remember something as simple as a real estate signs and posts can kick your business into high gear.

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